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Homework Helpers: Books vs. Websites

Although both can be very good, websites take much more research to verify their level of competent help. Books, on the other hand, or easier to tell, and may be of better help. So which is better as homework helpers? Books VS. Websites, is what will be looked at here.

  1. Books
  2. Websites
  3. Which is Better?


Starting with the student’s textbooks, they can find just about anything they need to find. Often textbooks are best for finding keywords, then looking up other books in the library. But everything any student needs can be found in a library, as the books have just about all of it, then journals, they can be found. But there is a book to cover ever subject and topic a student can be assigned, or need. It just takes a matter of reading the books to find the material.

Yet there are some areas, that books may be short in. And this is when a student is having a hard time understanding a subject, the books in the library, or their personal library may not break it down enough for them. So even though the subject is there, it may not be what the student needs.


There are many different types of websites a student can use for help, not just student help sites. Even though, for some, they may be the best, a student needs to make sure of the quality of the site before using them. By the best, which is a relative term, meaning for that student, it may be best. As many student help sites offer tutoring and / or tutorials, the student needs to make sure of the quality of reference.

Other sites, like school sites, and many organizations, need a lot less research as to their quality, they should still be checked. Make sure the school is actually putting the images up, and not another student without the school’s knowledge.

Which is Best?

Which is best, is going to be based off from the student’s own needs. If using books to help look up issues will help, then that is best. If the student needs more one on one help, a website can offer that. As most tutorials are written for students that need the extra help. While books are written for the general student that just needs a guide. And a tutor is for that student that is still having problems after reading a tutorial.

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