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Where To Look For Assistance With World History Homework

World history can be a challenging course, simply because of its scope – the history of all the world. Typically a class like this moves very, very swiftly. Teachers must cover so much material in one semester, nine weeks, or quarter, that they must draw only the broad strokes and they often expect you to be able to fill in the finer points.

Here are my suggestions for improving your performance in world history

  1. First, you might want to consider hiring a tutor
  2. A tutor for a class like world history is not a bad idea. A tutor with a doctorate in history, for example, has studied every aspect of world history already before they chose an area of specialization to focus on for their dissertation and doctoral course of study. Everyone, during their masters degree, studies all the periods of the larger major area and then chooses the period they liked and held the most interest in in order to specialize their doctoral study in one period. For example, “American History” or “Modern British History.” For this reason, one or even more tutors in different specialty areas might not be a bad idea to try.

  3. Strongly consider partnering or forming study groups together to handle all of the material.
  4. Study groups are a great way to break up bulky material into smaller, more handle-able bursts of information. You could get into groups of four or five, assigning one person to older American history and one person to more modern American history. Same with British history and the history of the orient and ancient Rome and Greece as well. In fact, you could give every member several periods of history that they will be responsible for.

    No matter how many periods you have to consider giving the group members, know that you are all better off studying closely 3 subject areas rather than 30—right?

  5. Now, have each of these study group members make study guides for each period—good ones that cover all the bases.
  6. Have each study group member construct really good study guides that cover all the most important information in an easy-to-read format. Have them print out these study guides and pass them out to everyone in the group. This way, you do not have so much to read for the big tests.

  7. Make sure to pick responsible group members.

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