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Where Can I Get Help With My Math Homework For Free?

This short, informational tutorial letter guides high school students on obtaining free assistance for their school work. More specifically, it is a motivational but practical guide towards finding help for their math homework for free. Please make a note that this specific letter is not a math tuition guide. It remains, however, a practical guide to help students be more productive and proactive with their homework assignments without losing time and getting their assignments and/ or math exercises turned in on time the following morning.

Four practical suggestions will be suggested for now. Students are encouraged to take up these, following the advice given under each heading. One important piece of advice well worth dispensing is that they share this information with their class or math teachers for further advice and important remarks on how to approach these suggested tasks correctly and with the right attitude and aims in mind.

  1. The math teacher’s important role – The first port of call for any high school student should be their class teacher. For reasons which will not be outlined here, many students avoid taking full advantage of their math teacher’s important role to assist them with problematic queries. Do this now and schedule an appointment with him or her.
  2. Online tutorial guides – It may be challenging at first, but persistence will pay off in the end. Effectiveness of keyword search methodologies will ultimately lead to those generous areas where free advice and solutions will be offered. Be careful, however, with the vetting process (ask your teacher for assistance, if necessary) which ensures that you find credible and qualified assistance.
  3. Community and/or adult learning centers – There is no rule that says high school students cannot sit in on these classes.
  4. Math clubs and standout classmates – If one has not been started already, start a club where problems can be discussed and solutions found. Ask your top class performer to captain this club.

By the time they have completed the reading of this short letter – it only took a minute or two, did it not - they should be more than encouraged towards finally obtaining the free homework advice that is going to help them complete their exercises successfully with at least little or no incorrect answers given. They should be more emboldened than ever before to approach their teacher who should be assisting them with their queries as he or she has been mandated to do.

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