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Can I Find A School With No-Homework Policy

Homework is something that most students worry about, they hate doing their homework, and spend lots of time procrastinating. Parents understand that their children feel unhappy having to deal with endless amount of tasks, so they consider schools with no-homework policy. However, homework has its pros, e.g. students can better prepare for tests, they have more practice, and spend less time watching TV and playing video games. It is easy to find a school with no-homework policy, but it is better to analyze all the cons and pros of traditional education and decide what the best option for your children is.

The Cons of Doing Homework

  • - Most students think that homework tasks are boring and too complicated.
  • - When students have too much homework to do, they demonstrate worse performance and get lower grades.
  • - However, it is hard to determine how much is too much.
  • - Homework is stressful for the majority of students.
  • - Students do not have enough time for extracurricular activities, they do not spend enough time with their families, and avoid doing household chores.
  • - In many cases, homework does not promote learning, it looks like an endless list of tasks, and students do not understand why they should spend their time doing them.
  • - Parents have to help their children complete complicated assignments because students do not have other help resources.

The Pros of Doing Homework

  • - Students need practice if they want to understand the material in detail and gain solid skills, so they need to retain the material they learn in class and do some homework tasks.
  • - Homework forces students manage their time better and take responsibility. They learn how to develop a feasible schedule and do their best in order to complete all the scheduled activities successfully.
  • - Researchers claim that homework improves scores in standardized tests.
  • - Teachers agree that they do not have enough time to provide all necessary explanations during class hors, so students have to learn some material at home.
  • - It is impossible to avoid reading as a part of homework.
  • - Parents can see what their children learn and how well they understand the material.

Obviously, the debate over homework will continue, but parents should make the best decisions today. They can hardly find the right answers, they should rather choose the best options for their children, and school with no-homework policy might be a good choice. Numerous schools in different locations offer such kind of a policy, you can easily find some of them online, and contact their representatives to get more information.

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