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Where To Look For Free Math Homework Help: 5 Great Suggestions

Math is known the world over as one of the most difficult courses of study for students. While almost everyone can get the basics down, such as multiplication and division, algebraic equations and fractions are a completely different story. In fact, more students need extra assistance with math than any other subject taught at school. If you are seeking a little bit of extra help, here are 5 suggested places to look in order to easily get free math homework help:

  1. Start with the teacher: For obvious reasons, the person who is teaching the course is the best source to go to when you do not understand the material. Who knows it better? Most teachers are thrilled when students show enough interest to ask for the help they need. Some teachers have office time set aside before or after class for students in need, while others make use of in-class time to give some extra assistance.
  2. Parents know more than we give them credit for: Think about asking your parents to take a look at what you are having issues with. Keep in mind that they did it as well once upon a time. Not every parent is a math whiz, but many retain enough knowledge to give you some basic help. And let's face it - they will never say no!
  3. Online math websites: Online math sites are an invaluable source to tap when you need help. They often have interactive help, showing you exactly what needs to be done and then allowing you to do it for yourself. They also have tons of practice questions in the area you are working on so that you can get in some extra practice.
  4. Join a study group: Study groups are great because you are all studying the same material. There are several people at one time who can help you to work through the problems and understand the concepts you need to master in order to reduce the need for help in the future.
  5. The smartest kid in the class: Every class has one. With luck they also happen to be one of your close friends. The bonus to this is that they are going to explain it to you in terms that are easy to understand, as opposed to more technical explanations that will leave you shaking your head and grabbing for the dictionary.

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